Ideally, life would be a straight path forward. People would always know where they are going, they would always be able to move on and leave things behind. However, it is a common place observation that life moves forward in a cyclical fashion, repeating basic laws and patterns, with each cycle widening its scope and complexity, building upon gains in knowledge and experience.

The message behind the Fortune Wheel is that luck may be upon us and then suddenly gone, only to return later again in a cyclical movement of ups and downs.

This inevitable round of existence affects people both individually and collectively, according to the capricious nature of fate, generally represented in medieval art by the godess Fortune., who spins the Wheel.

This mural depicts two giant wheels of fortune rolling by inertia, without a goddess guiding them, and encountering obstacles in their way, which will make them move faster or slower. These obstacles are represented by objects, shapes and surreal elements inspired by the city of Kinshasa, such as the colors of the Congolese flag, electrical cables running through the city, heads carrying bowls filled bread and diamonds,plants , animals, colors …

It should work as a metaphor for life, a wheel of life which keeps rolling, YANGO.