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Acordes III


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Entre lo geométrico y lo orgánico: un español en la Meet Factory dePraga

El pasado 9 de Abril se publicó en RADIO PRAGA una entrevista que me realizó Carlos Ferrer, aquí os dejo un extracto y  el enlace en la que podréis esucharla y leerla al completo.

“Puede entenderse así la exposición como una serie de obras, como un mosaico, o como el laberinto formado por los huecos entre lámina y lámina, que representan los túneles de la obra de Kafka, y a su manera, los túneles y pasajes de la ciudad de Praga. En el contraste hallamos la oposición entre lo interior y lo exterior, lo racional y lo irracional. Una confrontación similar tratará de ofrecer Izquierdo en el proyecto central de su estancia, la elaboración de un enorme mural en una de las paredes externas de la Meet Factory, como explica.”

LINK- RadioPraga-“Entre lo geométrico y lo orgánico: un español en la Meet Factory dePraga”






In popular culture of ancient Greece it was a common belief that our dreams possessed the ability to see into the future. These dreams were considered messages from the gods, which connected people to divinities and the destinies of their lives. Aristotle remained skeptical to this belief however, as discussed in his work Parva Naturalia, and regarded dreams as mere coincidences. More than 2000 years later we continue to find similar common beliefs in the power and meaning of dreams. Why? Is there still a basic human need for superstition? And if so, how can one contemplate the value of superstitions in relation to deductive thinking and religious persuasions.

The title for the show «Prophecies of daydreaming» is inspired by the ancient belief in divinatory dreams and embodies the collaboration between the two artists- merging aspects of history, mythology, fairytales, symbolism, philosophy and poetry. In this exhibition Ivan Izquierdo and Anders Grønlien show newly created work in painting, sculpture, video and installation that revolve freely around the historical artistic representations of 12th century Muslim philosopher Averroes, born in Cordoba.

Through the work the artists connect to Michael Barry’s lecture The True Moor of Venice given at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in which he discussed the presence of Islamic influence in art and philosophy in 14th – 16th century Renaissance Italy. Barry identifies the Muslim philosopher Averroes as the middle figure of the painting known as «The 3 Philosophers» by Italian painter Giorgione. The paintings produced by Izquierdo and Grønlien for Prophecies of daydreaming have chosen to adapt this central piece of art history along side other historic representations of the philosopher.

A public sculpture found in Cordoba of a bearded man with a turban, a generic image as an artistic attempt to commemorate Averroes, signifies the local importance of philosophy. This sculpture makes the basis for a collaborative work between the 2 artists which uses the representation of Averroes, in its site-specificcontext of Cordoba, referencing the idea that philosophical thinking can flow in and out of cultural relevance and how philosophical ideas can be considered obsolete, erased by political force, history or censorship. The work, “Think, prey and do drugs” also makes references to psychedelic art and forms of drug induced higher consciousness, and how this in turn can relate to religious thinking or deductive philosophical reasoning. The artists also collaborate with another piece, “The Little Anarchist”, drawing inspiration from Greek sculpture, Islamic geometrical ornamentation, portraits of philosophers, religious symbols, and saints. Some of the sculpture on display, created to open a poetic interpretation for the audience, has been made using ancient techniques in collaboration with the advice and facilities of local ceramic artisans and bronze workers in Hinojosa del Duque and Granada.










The exhibtion will include a parralel program of activities, in and outside of CoMbo, where the central theme and the significance of Averroes will continue to be investigated.

About the artists:

Anders Grønlien is multidisciplinary artist born in 1979 in Norway. He received his master’s degree from the Academy of fine arts in Prague, Czech Republic in 2009. Since then he has shown work in galleries and institutions in the Czech Republic, Norway, France and Spain. Most recently he has been artist in residency at the Cité des arts in Paris, France. Anders is currently living in Cordoba, working to help construct and run daily operations at Combo, in collaboration with La Fragua artist residency. For more information please visit

Ivan Izquierdo was born in La Zubia, Granada, in 1983. He received his degree in fine arts in 2006 and is currently doing his PhD in Granada. His work has been exhibited in Ho Chi Minh City, Paris, Sao Paulo, Berlin, Nijmegen, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Málaga. He has received several grants for artistic creation including the FPDV in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam), IFAA Project, Louvain la Neuve (Belgium), Centre D’art Contemporain pour Essaouira (Morocco), Inspirarte (Valencia), CRIDA, Palma de Mallorca. In March Ivan will be an artist in residence at Prague’s “Meet Factory” with support from the Spanish Embassy in Madrid. For more information please visit

Videoclip “LA PALISA” from the spanish band “PABLITO”

Pablito “La Palisa” from Pablito on Vimeo.

Pizzas rolling across the desert,  Hawaiian dolls leaving from guns , gunmen chewing gum , rolling polyhedron as dry bushes between a duel to the death , dream characters into a ” Saloon”  … All these images and many others are the last part of the video that I directed and animated .

cartel promocional

It is the  video for the band from Madrid ” PABLITO “ for his song, “LA PALISA “ that is part of his first album to be released in the first quarter of 2014 , under the title “Do not fear the markets. ”

The video is made ​​entirely with digital drawings on old photographs and film stills from ” western” classic, it is a free interpretation of some visual clichés intertwined with the history of the song’s lyrics .

Technically the clip is made with Photoshop and After effect.
I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I did realizing it …

cartel promocional

cartel promocional


Outzider ZeroCabrera

Sevillian musician ZEROCABRERA project, 13 tracks, 13 illustrations, 13 artists, among which I participated with the last cut “Oopart Suite”.
HERE can download the album for free, includes a booklet designed by Murdo Ortiz with all illustrations of the other artists.

portada y contra portada

Portada y contra portada a cargo de MURDO ORTIZ

“In Outzider ZeroCabrera projects his artistic vision of the dream world and reaffirms his fascination with unlimited music. 13 courts where the interaction between progressive structures, initially disparate styles and acoustic instruments with samplers & synthesizers provide a warm, unconventional and gifted carefully detailed melodies. Fully self managed within Hiddentracksound, the album is mostly instrumental, except for several cuts. for the occasion we have a special edition booklet interactive format where 13 artists put faces to each of the subjects’

“Rendez les Mois” video of Matthias de Groof

Video of the belgian artist Matthias de Groof with whom I collaborated by providing typography for the Festival De Oase, Nijmegen (Holanda)

rendez les moi ENG (work in progress) from Matthias De Groof on Vimeo.

Text by Léon-Gontran Damas
Graphics by Ivan Izquierdo
Music by Miles (Bitches Brew)
Directed by Matthias De Groof

Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw interview- Ivan Izquierdo & Toufik Medjamia.

Sensational Interview-portrait  in duo with Toufik Medjamia by the journalist Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw, in Louvain la Neuve, Brussels, on the occasion of IFAA 2012, December 2012.


Liesbeth Tjon A Meeuw –
Toufik Medjamia-

IFAA 2012 (Lovain la Neuve, Belgium)

Inaugurated today the IFAA International Fair 2012 in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, to which I am invited to participate with one work “in situ” under the issue of the exhibition “communication, exchange, dialogue & Art”.
Here you have more information and the list of artists from around the world that are taking part.

Ivan-Izquierdo-Invitation-IFAA 2012-1 Ivan-Izquierdo-Invitation-IFAA 2012-3Ivan-Izquierdo-Invitation-IFAA 2012-2

Participación en la feria ArtJaen 2012

Entre los próximos 24 y 29 de febrero tendrá lugar la IV feria internacional de ArtJaén en la cual participaré junto al artista MURDO ORTIZ, realizando un mural conjunto.

Entrevista “Hoy te contamos” (Radio)

Hace unos cuantos dias me hicieron esta entrevista para el programa de radio “Hoy te contamos”.

Espero que os guste, o que os disguste.

Exposición Proyecto IRRUPCIÓN junto a la poeta Cristina Ferreiro -“Alqueria de los Artistas”-

Vista de Exposicion-Jornada puertas abiertas

Vista de Jornada puertas abiertas

Vista de Exposición-Jornada puertas abiertas

Vista de Jornada puertas abiertas

Vista de Jornada puertas abiertas

Exposición- taller puertas abiertas -en la “Alqueria de los Artistas” del proyecto Irrupción, desarrollado junto con la poeta Cristina Ferreiro .


La arenada y Palabra Arteria


Fundación Inspirarte
Valencia, Sueca -Diciembre 2009