Ivan Izquierdo (La Zubia, Granada 1983)

Artist StatementIvan-Izquierdo-casablanca-3s

I am a multidisciplinary artist who works in contemporary art genres of drawing while crossing into new digital art techniques. Dealing with different concepts and overlapping reality and imagination, I create images and sounds that primarily explore the human condition and its relation with modern society, nature and technology.

I feel comfortable working with a wide range of modus operandi, from Indian ink, charcoal and graphite to animation, video and mixed media. I use this mixture of elements in a variety of formats and sizes – from paper, latex or even fruits to large murals and outdoor walls. I believe that this plurality within my art work practice keeps more options open for self expression with the best outcomes.
As a human being, I question what I see. As an artist, I question how I see. My work conveys the idea of subjectivity, and our ever-changing relationship with our perceptions of the world and our place in it. I look for metaphors and ambiguities in the world around me to visually communicate this relationship between the “whats” and the “hows” of subjective perception. My intention is to create an art work that delivers a certain feeling of uneasiness, forcing the viewers to move into a space of speculation and reflect on their own reality and its interaction with diverse aspects of today’s society.
My work is largely based on visceral expressions, which content and formal qualities are influenced by manifestations of nature, poetry, cinema, photography, philosophy, current affairs and, of course, my own personal experiences. In the same way that dreams do not match reality but yet contain some internal logic, I combine different elements in an intuitive way, while seeking colour and form connections. I generally draw with no pre-determined composition in mind, as images eventually pop up in a very impulsive, free-form way. Although a message is often the result, it is uncovered through a process rather than an intent.



– D.E.A. with the title “Art and cannibalism. Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts (Granada, Spain, 2008-11)
– Bachelor´s degree in Fine Arts. Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts, (Granada, Spain, 01-2006).
– Undergraduate degree in advertising and graphic design. Granada School of Arts. (Granada, Spain, 02-2004).

Work in Museums and  Collections

– Centre D’art Contemporain pour Essaouira “Ifitry” (Ifitry, Marruecos)
– Junta de Andalucia, collection of AyCj (Sevilla, Spain)
– City Council of Valencia” (Valencia, Spain)
– University of Granada (Granada, Spain)
– Artist Residency LA FRAGUA (Corodoba, Spain)
– CRIDA Foundation (Palma de Mallorca, Spain)
– “Centre d’art LaRectoria” (Barcelona, Spain)
– Inspirarte Foundation (Valencia, Spain)
– City Council of SanXenxo (Pontevedra, Spain)
– Caja Rural Bank of Granada (Granada, Spain)
– Private drawing collection “Tomas Ruiz” (Valencia, Spain)

Grants and residencies

– MeetFactory, project with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Prague (Prague, Czech republic)

– FPDV-Workshop VIETNAM experiments & artistic collaborations (Ho chi minh city, Vietnam)
– IFAA Project (International cross – disciplinary Festival and Artists in residency platform – Louvain la Neuve, Belgium)

– Residency grant, LA FRAGUA (2 months, Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain)
– Residency grant,  CRIDA (2 months, Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

– Residency grant  “Centre D’art Contemporain pour Essaouira” (Ifitry, Morocco)
– Grant ICARO in the “Vicedecanato de cultura”, Alonso Cano Faculty of Fine Arts (Granada, Spain)

– Residency grant  “La Alquería de los artistas”, Inspirarte Foundation (4 months, Valencia, Spain)

– Production grant  “INICIARTE” from Junta de Andalucía (Seville, Spain).
– VI Residency grant “Violeta”, City Council of Sanxenxo (Pontevedra, Spain)
– Residency grant  “Centre d`Art La Rectoría” (2 months, Sant Pere de Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain)

– Residency grant Alraso 2007  (1 month, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Spain)


Exhibitions and professional information


“ACORDES”exposición colectiva en la Biblioteca de Andalucía de Granada, comisariada por José Vallejo.
“La persona y el Verbo, 25 años después de la muerte de Jaime Gil de Biedma” exposición colectiva en el SEAP de Málaga comisariada por Pablo Sycet.


“Rota Fortunae“ Mural at the “L’Exchangeur de Limité” for YANGO the I Bienal of contemporary art od Kinshasa (Kinshasa, R.D.Congo)

“Deba(tête) inter(ir)racional“ exhibition in Gallery Wall, Meetfactory with the support of the Spanish Embassy (Prague, Rep.Czchec)
”Prophecies of Daydreaming” exhibition with Anders Gronlien in Combo with the support of LA FRAGUA, artist residency, and the Embassy of Norway in Spain (Cordoba)
PhotoStreet – “Arxiu Intervingut”exhibition for “PalmaPhoto 2014” curated byDani Cardona and Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta, Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

“alRaso en Palacio“ Collective exhibition “Palacio Condes de Gabia” (Granada)


“Retour de Vietnam” – Collective exhibition in the BENJ gallery (Paris, France)

“Future is now”  collective exhibition part of  Oase Festival (Nijmegen, Holland)

Gabinete de curiosidades” – Collective exhibition, curated by Pilar Cubillo and Óscar García (Madrid, Spain)

“Deconstructing Menese” – Collective exhibition in “Moreno Galvan Museum” (Puebla de Cazalla, Sevilla, Spain)

“Tinta plana” collective exhibition, curated by Christian M. Walter and Joaquin Peña Toro, Molino Angel Ganivet (Granada, España)

I International Biennal of Casablanca” –  La Fabrique culturelle / Les Anciens Abattoirs (Casablanca, Morocco)

Collective exhibition “WUNDERKAMMER” in the gallery “La Bañera Gallery” (Madrid, Spain)

Collective exhibition “3 regards” in the “Institut Française de Marrakech” with the artists Marika Perros and Ahmed El Hayani (Marrakech, Morocco)

Participant in the “IV feria internacional de ArtJaen”, drawing a mural with artist Murdo Ortiz (Jaen, Spain)

Collective exhibition “In-Sur-Gentes”, in Moreno Galvan Museum (Puebla de Cazalla, Sevilla, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Recuerdo de aquel mito delirante” with Anders Groliens and Fátima Montero in LA FRAGUA (Belalcazar, Cordoba, Spain)

Recital SUBDESARSUR, music, poetry and drawing, with poet Luis Melgarejo, and Argentinian guitarrist Esteban Jusid, in “lacasaconlibros” (Granada, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Orient’Art Express, second edition”, curated by  Azzeddine Abdelouhabi, in the Galerie d’art Bd. Moulay El Hassa
(Oudja, Morocco)

Exhibition CRIDA in “Convent de Sant Jeroni” (Mallorca, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Escena y Estructura” with Pedro Osakar Olaiz, in TRN lounge (Granada, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Andante”, Museum of contemporary art MACUF(A Coruña, Spain)

Award “Ciudadanía Joven 2011” for artistic creation, City Council of Granada (Granada, Spain)

Participant in the Contemporary Art Fair “Berliner Liste 2010” (Berlin, Germany)

Individual Exhibition “VERSUS” in the “Instituto de America, Centro Damian Bayon” (Santa Fe, Granada, Spain)

Participant in the Contemporary Art Fair “IKAS-ART” (Bilbao, Spain)

Participant in the Biennal of Contemporary Art “ARTE GIRA CITY” (Almeria, Spain)

Invited artist in the “Xº ANIVERSARIO-BECA alRaso” mural live painting, with a recital by poet Luis Melgarejo. (Lecrín, Granada, Spain)

Poetry reading and live drawing in the “XV Premio de poesia Hiperión – Los banderines del Zaguan”, with poet Luis Melgarejo (Almeria, Spain)

Collaboration with the Bramanteatre Theater Company with the play “Pajaros azules”. Play by Jeronimo Cornelles (Valencia, Spain)

Individual exhibition in “La Casa con Libros” during the Festival “Poesia en resistencia 09: Granada” (Granada, Spain)

Arte en el cuerpo” – Body painting exhibition, Caja Rural Foundation (Granada, Spain)

Collaboration with La turné Theater Company with the play “YO-pronombre personal de primera persona”. Play by Irene Golden. (Seville, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Hospital Real de Granada” . Alonso Cano awards sponsored by the University of Granada (Granada, Spain)

Ilustration of the poetry book “desequilibras e caer” by the poetess Cristina Ferreiro. Bubela Publishing. (a Coruña, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Pintura libre la Rural”. Caja Rural Foundation. Sala Gaspar Becerra. (Baeza, Jaén, Spain)

Collective exhibition “TANGRAM” in Rey Chico Lounge (Granada, Spain)

Collective exhibition “II Beca de creación” in the Art Center La rectoria” (Sant Pere de Villamajor, Barcelona, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Propuestas desde el proceso formativo” in the Castle Santa Catalina and Gallery Benot (Cadiz, Spain)

Collaborated with many illustrations in the third issue of “Lunas de Papel” literary magazine (Murcia, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Propuestas desde el proceso formativo” in Gallery Jesús Puerto (Granada, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Naturaleza muerta, alRaso 07” in the auditorium Manuel de Falla (Granada, Spain)

First Place Award in “Desigual Paint Party in Second Life 2007” (Barcelona, Spain)

Collective exhibition “ACUA – Arte Contemporáneo Universitarios Andaluces” in MECA Gallery (Almería, Spain)

Collective exhibition in the I Contemporary Art Fair ArtJaen (Jaén, Spain)

Collective exhibition “Entre dos mares”, in cooperation with the University of Granada (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Collective exhibition “VI concurso de dibujo de la Real Academia de Bellas Artes de Granada” (Granada, Spain)

Short-listed for the “VI concurso de Pintura erótica” in the Cultural Center of Bullas (Murcia, Spain)

Invited artist in ”II Congreso Internacional Sinestesia, Ciencia y Arte – Imaginar los sentidos” in the Science Plant of Granada. (Granada, Spain)

Short-listed for the Drawing Award “XVI certamen de dibujo Gregorio prieto, Obra social Caja Madrid” and participant in a collective exhibition in the “Museo de la ciudad” (Madrid, Spain)

Invited artist in the collective exhibition “Fiesta de la Creación Joven” in “la Carbonería” (Seville, Spain)

Collective exhibition in the Management Faculty of the University of Granada (Granada, Spain)


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